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We transform lives one at a time!

A passionate Wing Cdr Amarjit Singh Bindra is on a mission to build a seamless bridge helping Veterans transitioning from Boots to Suits. 

Commander Bindra is an expert having been in leadership positions in the corporates for over 10 years. He is of firm belief that military veterans can do better in their second career if they are professionally coached to do so.


Cdr Bindra calls this transition 'Boots to Suits'. He has developed this training module post careful due diligence. 

The training programs have helped Veterans (Officers, JCOs, ORs) get acquainted with the corporate culture, communication skills, nature of work, work culture and other nuances that not only help Veterans be better prepared on their first day in the new job, but also offers job avenues to best meet your capabilities and affinity towards a job profile. The key training program includes:

White Branch
Harinderjit Singh.jfif

Harinderjit Singh

Indian Navy Veteran 

Some people touch you and leave you awe inspired, not just by their sheer knowledge and experience but by being amazing listeners and insightful mentors. My relationship with Wg Cdr Bindra has been only five months old, but in this short time period he has coached, guided and mentored me in such a careful and precise manner that my flight under him has helped me bound over years. Always in step with your needs, wants and aspirations, he takes an extremely balanced perspective on every issue, does not hesitate to call a spade a spade, makes sure you work with your hands while he guides your mind. Deeply passionate and committed to those whom he takes under his wings, he never lets go till he makes you reach your destination. And he is always ready to talk or meet, anytime on any issue that may concern your future. I have been truly blessed to have him as my mentor.

Ashish Pathak.jfif

Ashish Pathak

Indian Air Force

I feel privileged that I have Wg Cdr Bindra as a mentor. Our association is a few months old and he has had an enormous impact on the way I think and prepare myself. His positive energy and clear thinking are infectious, to say the least. A straight-talking person with loads of experience in and out of uniform he exactly knows what his students need and he has given us, the required tools to achieve the same. Being under his wings is something that cannot be equated with monetary value; it perhaps is the best return of investment that I have come across. At times when we feel that we are past our prime in terms of learning and grasping, he has instilled the hunger for knowledge in his students. Age is no barrier for learning is something that I have learnt from him, and his mentorship is extremely relevant for people in all age groups. His involvement, in terms of timely feedback and gentle nudges, ensures that you do not deviate from your mission, and personally has helped me see life in a much bigger perspective.


PJP Singh Waraich

Indian Air Force Veteran

I have worked with Amarjit, he is a great leader with presence of mind and motivating skills. He takes the team along and ensures no one is left behind. He is dedicated, resourceful and initiator. He is full of energy always and never sits idle. He Commands a great respect amongst juniors and seniors. An asset for any organisation. I Wish him good luck.

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