• Amarjit Singh Bindra

Financial Planning before Transition from Military

Financial planning & management of your money lead to happiness & peace in your golden years after retirement.

Financial freedom is key to happiness, success & your continued well being.

Identify changes & plan for the impact that transitioning from Military will have on your personal finances.

Steps towards a fulfilling Life after retirement are as follows -

  1. Set aside a transition fund. It should be sufficient for the next one year after retirement.

  2. Make a financial statement of your net worth by taking into account your Assets & Liabilities.

  3. Ideally you should be having your own house before retirement.

  4. Make it loan & EMI free before retirement.

  5. Invest in a second rental property if you can do it.

  6. Set aside funds for higher education of your children.

  7. Cater for expenses for marriage of your children.

  8. Top up your PF subscription in last 1- 3 years before retirement.

  9. Make yourself debt free before retirement.

  10. Buy a new car if you need one.

  11. Get your resettlement home furnished in advance.


This checklist is aimed at addressing the majority of Military Veterans.

One may like to customise/prioritize it according to your needs & choice.

A note about the author -

Wing Cdr Amarjit Singh Bindra served for 22 years in the Accounts branch of Indian Air Force.

He has had the unique privilege of planning personal finances of more than a thousand officers during his long career with the Air Force.

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