The best way to build your business is with v-bridge

There are some of us who are made to work for ourselves and not others. V-Bridge will help you streamline, mature and realize your vision to open your own business. It could be in the realm of security, logistics, trainings, retail/e-tail, ecommerce, sports, digital, IT or other roles that define you. We will not only work as consultants, but also build the business model with you so that you get the desired boost to do more.

We are not only consulting; we will bring your business live!

One-On-One Conversations

This step is about listening to your core idea. Deliberating about the scope, gap, innovation, channels, revenue model, expertise, shortcomings to build a watertight business model that you are confident will succeed.

Visual Identity

One of the most critical aspects of a mature business is its brand or visual identity. Remember, there is a huge difference between a business and a brand!

Digital Enablement

Every business is a digital business. Having an impactful digital presence is a must. If you are an online business this becomes the corner stone of your image and quality of service delivery of will offer. If you are a traditional business, people judge you in most occasions from how you are placed on the web.

Social Integration

Conversations with your customer set is the most important part of our business today. Without these conversations, you are not connected and may lose your customer base. These conversations need not be casual posts, but very strategic communication plans that bring value to your customer and are relevant to each customer set. SNS are a very important part of how we do our business in the modern world.


Every business leverages diverse channels to bring its services & products to its customers. Right channels impact cost, quality, timeliness, of your offering. It’s one of the most critical aspects of business conduct.

Revenue Modelling

Every business is there for gaining handsome returns. A carefully crafted revenue model that is built post deliberate secondary research is what keep you on a positive & long-term growth trajectory.

Funding & Investment

If you want that your business must receive funding for accelerated growth and is cost intensive, it’s critical that you are aware of how to build your plans and know the correct way of presenting these to an investor.