Jumping Off the Plane




The V-Bridge aims to be your transition partner where we train and develop an ecosystem of learning & entrepreneurship to realize your true potential.

tHE induction PROCESS

When you select us as your transition partner, the first engagement we have is of a dialogue about your aspirations and immediate goals. The V-Bridge panel will spend time with you to fully understand your goals and then induct you in the system with a focused approach.

Boots to Suits

Is our anchor program that forms the foundation of your bootcamp.

We begin with changing your mindset, thoughts and actions to prepare you to transition from a relatively uniformed environment to a not so regimented environment. There are lots of companies out there with different value systems and work ethos. The people you will work with will be from different mindsets, aspirations and opinions. Our mentorship will hold good in navigating you in the initial days of settling down in the corporate.


Resume Writing 

We will help you build your first resume that will in most occasions move ahead of you. This one pager will be a pen picture of you and will have to be developed with due deliberations based on your SWOT, expectations, passion, values, ethics and future goals. Mostly, it must take you to the goal you have defined for yourself. The resume will be designed scientifically for optimizing your search results while looking for a job.

We will help you make a CAP – Career Action Plan and a roadmap for your second innings. We will teach you how to leverage your network and grow your network using digital channels so that you position yourself well in this fairly new environment.

We make you adept in Interview Skills, Research, Networking and Salary Negotiations.

In Boots to Suits, we not only help you with getting a good job but also help those with an entrepreneur bent of mind to consult, initiate, and fast track your growth.





There are some of us who are made to work for ourselves and not others. V-Bridge will help you streamline, mature and realize your vision to open your own business. It could be in the realm of security, logistics, trainings, retail/e-tail, ecommerce, sports, digital, IT or other roles that define you. We will not only work as consultants, but also build the business model with you so that you get the desired boost to do more.

It will be a challenging and satisfying journey.

Job Board

We have a rich network and are connected with HR Firms and Veteran friendly organizations. We will help you get access to good job vacancies and enable facetime with recruiters. We are continuously working on enriching our reach and partnership with corporates so that we offer the very best fit for you always.